à l'horizon profond

When scientists and biologists deal with landscape, they use the term horizon.
With Lise Duclaux we take you to the deep horizon.
This deep horizon, or ‘underground’ landscape, which escapes our gaze and yet is home to a whole universe and an astonishing life. This landscape is invisible to us as it shapes the one we contemplate daily on the surface.
This life is the raw material with which Lise Duclaux works: seeds, plants and their roots, fungi and moles. This flora and fauna is explored as an allegory of society and its relationship to the Other, to the unknown.
Through the use of inventories and cartography, through the practice of drawing, writing, gardening and typographical composition, Lise Duclaux gives us a territory of thought based on scientific texts that she enchants through the poetry of her approach.
We all have in our gardens – our minds – underground passages that escape us and that lead our actions and our way of being with the Other. Lise Duclaux’s entire body of work is a profound questioning of the way of life in contemporary Western societies and our relationship to time and its profitability.

Fondation Salomon pour l’art contemporain - January 17 - July 12, 2020
The Abbey – contemporary art space, 15b che. de l’Abbaye 74940, Annecy-Le-Vieux, France

le cauchemar du golfeur, poa annua, 2019
encre pigmentaire et crayon de couleur sur papier 34,5x20,8 cm





Intérieur d’un astre sous terre 01 (coupe de racine), 2019
Encre pigmentaire sur papier, 32,8x18,2 cm

Petit érable champêtre aux racines champignonesques, 2019
Encre pigmentaire et crayon de couleur sur papier, 46x33,7 cm







Erable et chêne de montagne vue du ciel, 2019
Encre pigmentaire et crayon de couleur sur papier, 33,6x24,8 cm